Indexed Universal Life Insurance


Indexed Universal Life

Quite possibly the most flexible and versatile of the life insurance policies available.   Indexed Universal Life policies allow for a portion of your monthly premium to be indexed to the market.  

Indexed Universal Life policies aren’t directly invested in the stock market like a variable universal life insurance policy. Instead, the financial value of the index is used to calculate how much interest is credited to your policy’s cash account. This means that you have not only a death benefit provided for your family on a permanent basis ( as long as you keep your policy in force), but also a savings vehicle. The “Cash Value” build-up can be used by you before age 59 1/2 unlike a 401k or IRA. The accessible Cash Value is also tax free to you because it is considered part of your accumulated death benefit in the life insurance policy. This ability makes these policies so versatile for clients of all ages. (Like term life policies these policies are much more affordable if established at a younger age and with good health)

Primary Consumer:

This type of policy is applicable to a very wide range of individuals from the

20-30 year old Young single or Married that want to accumulate tax-free

money for future home or savings. The next set of people from 40-60 year old

might would want this type of protection for leaving money to their children

or grandchildren, supplement their retirement income or to maintain

your spouse’s life style at your death.

We would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you individually over the phone or in person to better explain the depth of functionality these products are able to provide.

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