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Retirement seems to sneak up on too many people too soon. Are you willing to leave the fate of your retirement years to chance?

Today's retirees may be challenged as no recent generation has with low interest rates, volatile stock markets and unprecedented longevity. These realities are sure to create stress for many retirees as they seek ways to make their retirement income last as long as they do.

Reinventing Retirement

More than ever before, retirees are dependent upon their investments to generate retirement income. The availability of future Social Security benefits to meet your needs is uncertain. With fewer companies providing traditional pension plans, retirees are being forced to assume the investment risk associated with their retirement assets. In addition, people are living longer...while health care costs are spiraling. The responsibility for your retirement is now in your hands. Do you have an advisor?

Several of our new clients already have advisors. This fact communicates to us that there are needs and concerns not being fully addressed for them to seek out additional help. People get second opinions on their health. It also make sense to get a second opinion on your wealth.


The sooner you start to save and plan for your retirementyears, the more prepared you will be. Early planning means that saving just small amounts each year could create assets large enough to meet your future needs. Until now, no asset allocation approach was available that placed sufficient emphasis on the present and future income needs of retirees. The Income for Life Benefit answers this problem and may provide you with a lifetime of income you can not outlive.

Income for Life Benefits:

Asset allocation minimizes emotions.

Like a personal pension with increasing income

Minimize risk

Eliminate market losses

Lifetime income options for greater confidence and peace-of-mind

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