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What Gives The Estate Planning Source Documents the Leading Edge?

Detailed and comprehensive, these documents have been developed through nearly 30 years of hands-on improvement by hundreds of attorneys throughout the US resulting in thousands of satisfied clients. They are drafted to ensure accuracy with current state and federal laws, and are updated as changes occur.

The Revocable Living Trust contains over 222 carefully worded provisions so that the trust can accommodate a client’s changing circumstances and to cover additional contingent situations without needing to be legally modified. The trust is also universal; that is applicable in all 50 states, for a client may eventually own property in or even move to another state.

Here Is A List Of What A Typical Estate Planning Package May Include:
  • 1 set of Ancillary Documents per person (DPOA for assets, DPOA for healthcare or Advanced Directive, Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Appointment of Guardian, and Anatomical Gift)

  • Abstract of Trust

  • Trust Certification

  • Pour-Over Will

  • Assignment of Furnishings and Personal Effects

  • 1 three-ring professional quality binder with tabs and inserts

  • 1 set of quality documents with Plain English summaries

  • Funding Manual

We offer a wide variety of estate planning solutions and documents customized at your direction.

Nationally Transportable Living Trusts

  • Single A Trust

  • Married A Trust

  • Married/Unmarried AB Trust

  • Married ABC Trust

  • A Q-TIP Trust (for married person)

  • Partner AA Trust

  • Partner AB Secure Trust (for Domestic Partners)

  • Complete Amendment

  • Partial Amendment

Vital Ancillary Documents

There are a number of other legal documents that are not legally required parts of the Living Trust but which should be included in or with the Trust to provide for future contingencies. Our ancillary documents offer you additional control over your person or assets. These documents are so vital; they are included, at no additional charge as part of your comprehensive document package.

  • Pour-Over Will

  • Living Will

  • Durable Power Of Attorney For Health Care

  • Durable Power Of Attorney For Assets

  • Nomination Of Conservator/Guardian

  • Appointment Of Guardian

  • Anatomical Gift

Advanced Planning Vehicles

Because many individuals have needs that go beyond basic estate planning, we offer numerous Advanced Estate Planning Solutions that can be incorporated into your overall estate plan. These documents should be considered as a supplement to your Living Trust to shelter your hard-earned estate from unnecessary estate taxes.

  • Asset Management Trust (Spendthrift Trust)

  • Beneficiary Trust (Dynasty)

  • Buy/Sell Agreement

  • Catastrophic Illness Trust (Medicaid Planning Trust)

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Family Catastrophic Illness Trust

  • Gift Trust

  • Insurance Preservation Trust- Spousal Support (ILIT)

  • Insurance Preservation Trust (ILIT)

  • IRA/Qualified Plan Trust

  • Land Trust

  • Special Need 

A poorly drawn trust can become a restrictive nightmare for the surviving spouse or successor trustee and beneficiaries. As long as the clients are living, it does not matter what a Living Trust says, because it can always be revoked. However, upon the death of the client, these poorly written Trusts are going to end up in probate court, with petitions being presented to revise or clarify the Trust wording. (Even though the main advantage of a Living Trust is to avoid probate, a Trust falls under the legal jurisdiction of the probate code; any need for clarification of a Trust therefore must be handled in the probate courts.)